Strong Disc

12 years ago

Strong Disc
Strong Disc

How would I go about getting the strongest braking system for my car?

Hello, I have a 1998 Pontiac Trans AM WS6. I drive the car pretty hard and make frequent hard stops. I have some money coming to me and wanted to know how would I go about getting the best braking system possible?

What do I need the mechanic to order: large discs, stronger pads, larger rotors, ???

please, I do not know too much about brakes.

try some akebono or brembo braking systems with slotted and lined rotors. they will dissipate heat better and give you a little better stopping force. also try to upgrade to dual or quad pistons on each side of caliper. also for hard braking upgrade the front suspension and put neoprene bushings instead of the rubber ones.

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