Surf Tumbled

11 years ago

Surf Tumbled
Surf Tumbled

Are you a unique person?? I think i am? haha (no –>?

My name is Noa B**
6 letter name, no mid
I am a girl
14 years old
Play guitar
Play volley ball
My room is Orange (my fave color)
My left eye is blue while my right is green
I was born in israel (9 years) moved to taiwan & had a british accent from my british school (1 year) moved back to israel (6months) moved to ATL (2yrs, 6mnths) Moved to NY (6 months)
Speak hebrew, english and somewhat chinese
I used to model (stupid braces)
I have a morning daily routine, including the order i turn the lights on.

How ”different” are you??


I love math
I have a perfume for a type of colors (ex: if im wearing a blue shirt with jeans, i will use Light Blue by D&G. If i am wearing yellow/gold/orange or anything in those colors, i’ll used J’adore. Im im wearing silver/white ill use Romance by RL and so on for all colors haha)
& im a vegeterian

Hahaha! You sound hella awesome!

Well, yeah I think I’m unique.
My name is Alley and I’ve never met anyone with that name spelled the way I spell it.
I’m a chick/18 years old.
I have absolutely zero friends.
My current favorite bands/artists are Tally Hall, Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, and Casey Shea.
I hate wearing makeup and I hate wearing nailpolish even more.
I was born in Germany but I grew up in Florida in the same house I still live in.
I have no hobbies.

Cradle Of Filth Her Ghost In The Fog live in Montreal Febryary 27th 2011

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