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Surf Tumbled
Surf Tumbled

At the north most tip of Northern Ireland lies Portrush – Co. Antrim. Portrush is a seaside resort town in Antrim County which is the object of fond memories of older Irish folks. The town has a population of approximately 8,000 in this University town. This is indeed the place to go for a good holiday in Ireland, with sandy beaches, famous golf courses. The Open Championship was hosted at the Royal Portrush Golf Club.

Ireland’s largest amusement park is located in Portrush. You will also find a huge indoor holiday park with various water entertainment facilities including sprays, jacuzzis, water cannons and water flumes. This resort is aptly named Waterworld and popular with young and old alike.

The Giant’s Causeway and the proximity of the glorious mile long peninsula, the Causeway Coast are two of the main attractions in Portrush. Golden sandy beaches and a tranquil sea bring many visitors to this beautiful part, which is busy all year round. Surfers love the beach, which features Ireland’s best surf spots.

The Portrush nightlife offers something for each member of the family. From restaurants to authentic Irish pubs, you are sure to find entertainment. The nightclubs often feature entertainment by some of the best DJs in the UK.

Nearby to Portrush is Dunluce Castle was formed when the sea cut into rock. This is one of the most romantic and picturesque castles in Ireland. However, on one tragic night, during a storm, part of the kitchen broke off and tumbled into the sea along with all the kitchen staff. The hollow is still there, dark and empty. Tours are available, but be sure to book in advance.

Other attractions in Antrim County include Bushmills Museums and Bushmills Distillery tours, the Castle Arcade, Sportsland Amusement Arcade, Fantasy Island and Flutters Amusements. Portrush – Co. Antrim is definitely one of the top tourist spots that one should visit in Ireland.

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Skills helpful for young actors?

I’m 13 and an actress, and I love to pursue new activities to help in acting. These are activities I have done, am doing currently, or am thinking about starting. Please tell me which activities will help a Film/TV/Commercial kid actress and which activities won’t.

Ice Skating
Baton Twirling

Well, any exta skills will help, but you cant do everything. I would focus on
and Guitar.

These things sort of go hand in hand with acting, because it’s preforming good portion of the time you sing, dance, and act. I don’t think there are enough acting jobs that require Ice Skating or Volleyball to make it worth your while, and you can always learn enough on the job to make your shots usable.

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