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Very worried?

I had frequent urges to urinate, and also smelly discharge that were yellow. Then weeks ago i went to the GP and they diagnosed me with UTI. After which they told me im cleared. But i still visit the toilet frequently and after taking the antibiotics, my discharge came back but was in a different state. This time, it was dark green and crusty / lumpy. Then i went to another gp who told me that most prob the antibiotics changed the state of the discharge. She gave me antibiotics and trie dto do a test on me by inserting some stuff to extract my discharge. The pain was so intense when she pushed the spatula in as i have only had my hymen broken but havent had sex in full. I bled abit and the doctor was unable to push it in further as i was screaming in pain. But now, my vagina is still itchy and sometimes teher is still discharge. I am very scared that my reproductive system will be harmed. And i do not want to go through the pain of inserting the tube into my vagina again. Comments?

You poor little muppet.

Look your 2nd doctor was smart, she was checking for evidence of a STD. You can only get them through having sex. So, if hand on heart you can swear you havent had sex, you don’t need to worry too much. But I can’t tell you how many girls will tell you that and the evidence proves otherwise.

There won’t be a repeat of the speculum. Your bleeding, the pain etc. would have given the doctor enough circumstantial evidence to establish you weren’t telling fibs. And there would be no reason to repeat it.

I think what you now have is thrush. Which often happens when you have been on antibiotics. This is because the antibiotic kills off the ‘good’ bacteria as well as the bad. So yeast takes hold with nothing in your body able to tackle it . It’s temporary, and very easily treated. You can get an over the counter medicine at the pharmacy to treat it. It is a tablet you put in the vagina just like you would a tampon. It doesn’t hurt. And comes with an ointment to stop the itching.

Thrush loves sugar. So stop the soda drinks and sugary food until it clears up. Buying an acidopholus drink or tablet from a health shop and taking that as instructed will also help to restore your body’s natural balance of bacteria.

It ain’t easy being a girl, eh?

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