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Mixable Oil

9 years ago

Mixable Oil
Mixable Oil

is it normal for oil paint to become really oily after being stored (not used) for like a month or two?

I bought some oil paints on ebay (not sure if it was a good idea anymore) they were a combination of winsor and newton artist grade oil paints and also some from their artisar water mixable line about a month or two ago. I only used them like once and just too play with a few of them and that was it. Now im taking a class on oil painting but i noticed wen i squeezed some out that they were very oily (unlike the grumbucher** one i bought at michaels yesterday which had a very buttery consistency) i squeezed a bit out of the ebay ones out of a couple of them actuallty and it seem like the oil or other fillers were sorta coming out b4 the actual paint ( im not sure if this may just be the top layer of the paint, which was capped, and maybe after a while of using it itll get better, is this even normal for “artist grade paint” or did i get jipped off?

this happens with oil paint. the cheeper the paint the more likely it is to happen. some colors like yellow and blue also seem to be more prone to it happening as well. its unusual for winsor newton to leak oil. there are three things i have heard of that can cause the oil and paint to separate, temperature, pressure differences (planes), and age. the paint you have is still ok to work with, its just a little inconvenient. i have heard mixes of skim the oil off or mix it back in. i usually skim it off though. (if it happens to watercolor i definitely recommend mixing it back in?)

Working with Water Mixable Oil Paints

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