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What Did We Do Before The Computerized Sewing Machine Came Along?

When sewing machines were first introduced, they were truly innovative inventions that helped to speed up the process of creating clothes, blankets and any other items where material was required to be sewn together. Over the years, the technology has continued to advance enabling sewing machines and their operators to do more things in less time.

For example, the newer machines began to offer different types of stitches and the capability to sew different and thicker materials together. In addition, they also came with the technology to add buttons. Different sized machines became available in addition to hand held models. And advances continue to be made, especially in the area of computerized sewing machines.

Precision – Create Accurate Stitches Easily

As you would expect, certain advancements are possible with a computerized sewing machine that are not within the capabilities of traditional machines. One advantage is precision. When making adjustments to the length and width of a stitch, it’s possible to produce accurate stitches using a traditional sewing machine but your manual adjustments must be precise.

However, computerized sewing machines handle stitching adjustments with ease. You can simply enter your desired settings and let technology handle the rest. Your sewing machine will understand exactly how to create the stitches you want and carry out the task accurately. No longer will you need to adjust a knob or dial to get the perfect setting.

Memory – Your Machine Remembers Exactly How You Prefer To Sew

Another fantastic feature of computerized sewing machines is memory. This type of sewing machine has the ability to remember previous settings, your favorite stitches and the configuration of the buttonholes you use. With pricier models you can expect more patterns and stitches to be included as well as a larger memory capacity.

Favorite brand names offering computerized technology include Brother Innovis, Janome, Pfaff, Baby Lock, Husqvarna Viking, Bernina and Singer. Most of these lines offer color LCD screens that display options, two needles for sewing with different colors of thread, automatic threading, thread cutters, edge finishing and trimming, built in stitches, speed control and button hole memory.

While not every computerized sewing machine comes with the same basic features, many of them are similar. Before making your purchase decision be sure to study the various options available. Depending on the brand and model you choose, expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Computerized sewing machines are much easier to use and they offer more accuracy than traditional sewing machines. Although each type has its advantages, if you’re interested in a reliable sewing machine with greater speed and accuracy as well as professional-looking results, computer technology is the way to go.

Upgrade to a computerized sewing machine today. saves you money on all types of machines and features a full line of sewing machine parts and accessories.

Does anyone know how to thread the bobbin of a Baby Lock Companion 722 sewing machine?

I haven’t used the machine in a long time and can’t put my hands on my manual. Thought it would come back to me but it hasn’t yet.

I am going to have to assume you mean winding thread on the bobbin itself rather than threading the bobbin case. I will tell you the method for both operations just in case (no pun intended).
To wind thread onto the bobbin:
1. Place the bobbin onto the bobbin-winding stud located to the right of your machine, on top.
2. Place a spool of thread on either of the 2 spool-pins on the back of your machine, carrying the thread to the left to the thread-guide at the left end, top.
3. At this thread guide you will find a stud sticking up which has a spring-loaded cap and a slot below the cap where you must place the thread and wrap it ONCE around the stud, thence to the right to your bobbin.
4. Put the end of your thread through the bobbin from the inside to the outside, leaving about 1 to 2 inches of thread hanging out of the hole (or slot, depending on the bobbin).
5. Move the bobbin-winder stud to the right to engage it with the handwheel.
6. If your model of machine has a small wheel on the inside center of the handwheel, loosen the small wheel by turning it towards you until it stops. This will release the handwheel, allowing it to turn without running the machine.
7. Grasp the end of the thread protruding from the top of the bobbin and hold it firmly with the thumb and index finger near the bobbin. This will cause the thread to break off even with the top of the bobbin as the thread is being wound.
8. Press on the foot-control and wind the bobbin slowly at first then increase the speed slowly until the bobbin is as full as you want or the automatic disengage feature stops the winding process. (Remember that running your machine too fast during this process can cause the bobbin thread to be wound too tightly onto the bobbin which can result in uneven tensions. Take your time for best results.
Note: don’t forget to re-tighten the handwheel knob.
Now, if it is your bobbin case you wish to thread, put the bobbin in the case with the thread protruding 2 or 3 inches. Pull on the thread gently to determine the direction of the rotation of the bobbin: if it turns clockwise, turn the bobbin over so that it rotates anti-clockwise. This will prevent backlashing of the thread when you stop sewing.
If you look closely at the bobbin case, you will see an angled slot where you must put the thread. Carry this thread under the flat spring (the slot will guide it) and then pull about 2 or 3 inches of thread and let it hang loose. Place the bobbin case into your machine, turn the handwheel over by hand 1 time so that the needle goes up and down once, bringing up the bobbin thread. Place your fabric into the machine and start sewing.

Baby Lock Sewing – Evolution and Sashiko

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