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Korker Ribbon

11 years ago

Korker Ribbon
Korker Ribbon

Korker ribbon… why does it seem like i can’t walk into a store and buy this kind of ribbon?

I want to make my own hair ribbons using korker. I have no problem buying the ribbon uncurled, i would actually prefer since it seems to cost less that way, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere except online. Any suggestions PLEASE?!?
i figured out the problem!! i was asking for korker ribbon and i guess you can’t call it that until it curled … lol
we do have a joanns so thank you for the recomendation. i called there earlier and they told me they didn’t, but what they meant was they don’t have it already curled. opps….

Where I live there is a store called JoAnn’s.If you have that store you would most likely be able to find it there.You could also look at dollar stores like Dollar General,Dollar Tree,or Family Dollar.Good luck I hope you can find the ribbon.

how to make korker ribbon!!

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