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Iwata Air

13 years ago

Iwata Air
Iwata Air

my airbrush will spray paint when i want it to spray air ?

i have an iwata eclipse hp-bcs and its a double action airbrush so when i press the trigger down im supposed to get air but i get paint.
anybody have an idea of whats wrong with it?

Make sure the needle is seated all the way. Make sure it is pushed all the way forward before you tighten the nut onto the needle. If it won’t seat properly you may have some dried paint or some trash in the paint that has gotten stuck in the nozzle, clean it real good then attempt to put it back together again. If that doesn’t work look at your nozzle, it may be cracked which would let paint get by even if the needle is seated.

Pistolet lakierniczy Air Gunsa IWATA AZ3 HTE2 1.3.wmv

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