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13 years ago

Melt Glue
Melt Glue

Is there a product that can melt PVA glue that has set hard?

I have laid a real wood floor and made a real mess of it. Stupidly I have glued the tongue and groove edged joins between the planks and now as the planks expand the floor has raised in places and it is becoming difficult to open and close the doors to my halway and kitchen!
Can anyone give me any advice on how I may salvage this project and if there is a product that I might be able to use that could loosen the planks that have been glued? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the wooden floor cost me a fortune. Thanks.

As pva is water based the only thing that will losen it is water. Which will mess up your floor even more. I feel for you bro/sis. We live n learn tho eh.

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