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Colored Sand

10 years ago

Colored Sand
Colored Sand

A county fair provides an excellent means of reaching your local clients in a fun, family atmosphere. County fairs are meant to be a celebration of the community, and adding your business presence to that kind of event is almost always a benefit. It is rewarding, but it’s a very atypical environment with substantially different concerns from your usual convention.

Are Fair Trade Show Stands Right For You?

There are many things to consider before you make the decision to take out space at the county fair. First, how deep are your community roots? If you’re homegrown and very much a local business, then you should absolutely have a presence there. People will expect you to be involved. They will likely expect to buy your wares, so have things on hand. If you’re a local restaurant, consider even taking a space as a food vendor and increasing your local following.

National companies with a regional division should think twice before taking space at their local event. These kinds of gatherings lend themselves to making a personal connection with potential new clients, not mass marketing like typical trade show displays. It doesn’t make sense for a local branch of a national store to showcase. It can, however, be beneficial for a local insurance agent to have a presence, because he or she can use the chance to make a direct impression on potential new clients.

Designing Your Trade Show Booths

The first concern with these kinds of trade show stands is to make them comfortable for your staff. That means keeping them shielded from the sun and installing at least one fan to keep the heat from being oppressive. When you’re showcasing outdoors, you’re generally showcasing in the summer, so the elements must be accounted for.

Once your staff is taken care of, focus on the actual trade show displays. The outdoor graphics should respect the fun atmosphere of the fair, catering to people who are expecting an entertaining time, not a sales pitch. If possible, you should include a fun or interesting element to entertain the children of visitors. One great option is sand jars, allowing children to fill jars with colored sand to make a pattern. It’s inexpensive, it’s a lot of fun, and parents love to see their kids happy. As an alternative, you could give a demonstration of your services. If you own a spa or salon, give mini hand massages. If you’re an ice cream shop, your trade show booths could give away free samples.

Making The Most Of A Unique Atmosphere

Throughout your design process, don’t forget that you’re going to be in a very different atmosphere from the usual. You won’t be able to use high pressure sales tactics. You won’t be competing for attention with a bunch of trade show stands from your same industry. Ensure that your sales team understands that the day is about making connections and having fun, not simply making a sale. If you have people showing up for work at your trade show booths in suits and ties in the middle of summer, they’ll just look out of place. Ensure that your sales force fits the atmosphere, yet never stops looking professional. By maintaining the fun environment and interacting with your local clients, your business can turn a day at the fair into a great opportunity for profit.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, the leading designer of Houston trade show stands for outdoor use. Skyline creates custom Houston trade show booths and modular units that provide a great presence for any company.

what type of corydoras would show up well on light colored sand?

I will soon have a 12g tank and I’m going to add a couple cories. What kind would show up well over the light sand?

A Leopard cory would show up very well but pretty much any variety except the albino would probably show up just fine 🙂

Painting by colored sand in a glass bottle.. Awsome!

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