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11 years ago

Craft Feathers
Craft Feathers

Are Products Made With Feathers Inhumane?

Products like feather dusters, craft feathers, and down pillows are made with bird feathers, right? Well, do they kill the birds to get the feathers or do they just collect the feathers when the birds loose them, like moulting or something? I really hate the thought of animal being killed for any human purpose. I don’t think I’ve bought anything with feathers, but I was just wondering for future reference.

As a large breed bird owner I can tell you yes I have sold a number of tail feathers from turkeys and peacocks that have naturally fallen out to a local crafter and calligrapher.
I also have to admit that I am also aware of a turkey processing plant that has had a feather collecting company come in and harvest the feathers for pillows. The meat industry is watched very closely and the birds are culled in the most humane way possible.

Saddle and Neck Feathers for Decorative Jewelry and Crafts

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