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Hematite Gemstone

10 years ago

Hematite Gemstone
Hematite Gemstone

When it comes to the world of colored gemstone, their color remains the primary reason why one chooses a particular gemstone over other. All the other factors such as hardness, brilliance are usually secondary.

Talking about colors, blue happens to be the favorite color of the majority. Thus blue gemstones automatically become one of the most loved of all the colored gemstones. There is however, quite a variety of blue gemstones to choose from.

Blue Sapphire

Of all the blue gemstones, blue sapphire is perhaps considered the most popular and also the most beautiful of all the blue gems. Throughout the pages of history, blue sapphire has got itself a respected position. It is also one of the twelve gemstones found on Aaron’s breastplate. It is also known for the amazing brilliance and fire that it exhibits. Also celebrated for its hardness which is just next to diamonds, sapphire is an excellent choice for all sorts of jewelry.

Blue Diamond

It is very hard to imagine diamond of any other color than white, but then diamonds do exhibit a wide range of hues. Blue being one of the more popular ones, some other colors of diamonds are yellow, brown, pink, and black. Colored diamonds are highly coveted gems for they have all the astonishing qualities such as brilliance and fire, for what diamonds are best known for, in addition they even have the most amazing colors. Blue diamonds are very rare and thus command high prices.


Proudly referred to as the gemstone of 20th Century, tanzanite offers a very unique radiant violet blue hue. These gemstones are relatively new in the gem world and were only discovered in 1967. Tanzania is the only place in world where it is found and thus the name tanzanite. The uniqueness of its origination makes tanzanite a gem rarer than even diamonds.


A beautiful stone, the color of which resembles sea water; aquamarine is yet another beautiful blue gemstone. Aquamarines belong to the same family of gems as emeralds and are universally considered symbolic of friendship and affection. Their color ranges from light blue to bluish green to dark blue, latter is considered the most valuable. The gemstone is even available in large sizes, which makes it a favorite among jewelry designers.

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Mineral questions???***?

1.Why are diamonds and rubies valuable?What are minerals like these called?
2.What characteristics make gemstones beautiful?
3.Quartz crystals can be used as gems. What other more practical uses can quartz crystals have?
4.What useful material may be obtained from buaxite?What useful material may be obtained from Hematite? What are bauxite and Hematite called, since they produce useful materials?
5.Where are vein mineral deposits found? How did they get there?
6.What is titanium and why is it useful?

there is high demand for them, therefore they are valuable. Minerals like that are called gemstones

luster and color make them beautiful

quartz is used to make glass, and it’s piezoelectric qualities make it useful in semiconductors

aluminum. iron, they are called ores

viens are found in cracks in rock where hydrothermal fluids deposited minerals there after the fluid cooled

titanium is a metallic chemical element. It is light and strong, which makes it useful for construction and being used to make tools

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