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Wool Spinning

9 years ago

Wool Spinning
Wool Spinning

Choosing the right spinning wheel?

I’m looking for a spinning wheel. I don’t really have a lot of space so I was wondering about the Ashford Joy? Is it a good wheel for a beginner? What are the pros or cons? I just learned to spin wool, but I’d also like to learn to spin with other materials as well, such as silk, soy, cashmere, etc. Also where can I find a good website or store in the Indianapolis Indiana area to buy one?

See links below for Ashford dealers in that area.

I’ve nothing but good about the Ashford Joy for general spinning. It is not, however, suitable for historical recreation/re-enactment purposes.

It’s good for right-handed or left-handed folk and either foot can be used treadling.

ASK the dealer about availability or necessity of special accessories if you wish to spin bulky yarns. Some wheels are better for bulky than others. I just know that bulky fills spools annoyingly quickly on any “regular” spinning wheel.

How Not to Spin Wool on a Walking Wheel

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