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13 years ago

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Should I have my entire bikini area treated with laser hair removal?

My husband wants me to and I think it’s a great idea but what if he died or something and I remarried..
(our relationship is rock solid so I know it would take death for me to be with another man)
do you think it would be gross or strange to be with a woman who had all of her bikini hair permanently removed?
do you think my obgyn would be freaked out by it?
considering the entire area, all of it.

I personally like the idea of having it removed by lazer. Most people these days are “put off” by pubic hair especially on women. I don’t think it’s gross or strange. OB/GYN wouldn’t be freaked out by that at all. Most have seen all kinds of vagina’s and they don’t care. You can however ask an OB/GYN if it would be okay to do the procedure. Ask if it could cause damage and so on.

Edit: Are you removing the hair on the bikini line only or all of the pubic hair?

Edit: Ok. I still support the idea.

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