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13 years ago

Learn Oil
Learn Oil

How can I learn about interpreting oil and gas well logs?

Many universities offer courses, either in the Geology or Petroleum Engineering departments. The AAPG offers a short course coming up in August titled “Basic Well Log Analysis”, that is taught by one of the best instructors on this subject, George Asquith.
There is a mudlogging course being taught at the AAPG convention in Houston in April:

I suggest you buy yourself a copy of “Basic Well Log Analysis” by George Asquith and Daniel Krygowski. This is published by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. To order a copy go here:
In the short cut tab at the top of the page go to “bookstore”

When you have digested that another valuable resource is the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts. You will want to download all of the mnemonics for well logs in order to understand what you are reading.
They also sell some useful publications.

There is a logging company called Wellog that has put a free web seminar up on well log interpretation that looks informative (I have not used it):

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is another useful resource with excellent publications.
SPE publishes many books on well logging but the two introductory books I would recommend are:
“Well Logging 1- Rock properties, Borehole environment, Mud and Temperature Logging” Monograph Volume 9
“Well Logging II- Electric and Acoustic Logging” Monograph Volume 10.
There are available at:

If you have some well log interpretation software, or even if you don’t you can find what are called raster logs (image files) on the internet for many states. Louisiana has these at
Other states offer them in LAS or LIS format, which requires special software to interpret, but at Schlumberger you can download a free LAS toolbox that will allow you to read these logs:

Another resource you can use that is on my own website (which probably needs to have some links updated) is this list of core and well log repositories:

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