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10 years ago

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Lot Sewing

Where would I find old sewing machine manual for Singer CY 50-60 and Janome 71-350 ?

I’m trying to find a manual for old Singer Sewing Machine industrial strength, Model number is CY 50-60. I’m also trying to find a manual for Janome old sewing machine model number 71-350. Where should I look? I have been searching online and found a lot of website selling sewing machine manual but not for these models. Thanks.

Cy 50-60 doesn’t sound like a Singer model number. Bet it’s got a 50-60 cycle (=50/60 Hertz) motor on it. How to find the model:

Manuals, many free downloads:

I’d also go to Janome for that manual:

Sewing Lessons: Finishing Garments with a Serger or French Seam

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