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Pound Lot

13 years ago

Pound Lot
Pound Lot

When eating as much protein as 1.5 for every pound, isnt that a lot of money?

What types of meat specifically give you a lot of protien?

Yes, and that’s why there’s protein powder and supplements.

Any lean meat has more than sufficient protein for body builders, but the problem is that your body can only absorbed a limited amount so eating large amounts of meat during meal times means the excess is pass through you and into the toilet.

Professional weightlifters often times eat 4-5 small meals with protein drinks in between so that their bodies are being dosed with protein in small amounts throughout the day. High amounts of protein, however, is only for the short term and not something you do continually because it puts a tremendous stress on your liver, kidney, and digestive systems. You can cause permanent damages to those organs if you do it too long.

16 pound baby born in Texas [VIDEO]

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