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Hot Melt

11 years ago

Hot Melt
Hot Melt

Can I melt rub on wax to hot wax my snowboard?

I have rub on wax by Swix. It says that it is rub on wax, but I was wondering if it is the same as the kind of wax you melt on a board. Also, would I be able to melt that wax as if it was meant for hot waxing?

It depends upon the specific Swix wax. Some waxes have dual application. Hot waxing is definitely going to last longer. If it’s a dual wax – I’d apply it with a iron. If it starts smoking – you might not want to hot wax it. I hot wax with Swix F4 snowboard for racing and Purl waxes for recreational riding. I keep some Saucer Wax around and some One Ball Jay.

The Hot Melts – Edith

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