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Olive Green

11 years ago

Olive Green
Olive Green

Would dark olive green clash with navy blue in our engagement photos?

My fiance and I are having engagement photos taken an hour before sunset. If he wears a dark olive green button down shirt and khaki pants would it clash with my navy blue dress? Would it be better if I wore a chocolate brown or purple dress?

allow me to extend my congrats, now onto the question.

few things to consider,

– the lighting of the photograph, and its environment. chances are the both of you might blend into the backdrop.

– khakis are something you wear to work, school, etc. get dress pants. khakis are uniform. i suggest a beige linen suit with the olive shirt instead. that way the olive and the navy won’t blend together

– brown would blend more with his clothing more than the navy. keep the navy. purple is … i don’t know, i can’t imagine it as a wedding/engagement color.

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