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12 years ago

Old Style
Old Style

light bulb ban. does any one know when old style light bulbs are going to be banned in Britain?

I have heard that people in Germany are stock piling old style light bulbs ahead of a european ban on them. This is to force us to use energy efficient, headache inducing,bulbs instead. So I wondered when we were going to follow suit and whether it would be a good idea to follow the german example.

The European phase out will happen –

1 September 2009
•Clear lamps equivalent to 100W incandescent lamps, or above, must be minimum C class.
•Non-clear (frosted / pearl) lamps must be minimum A-class.
1 September 2010
•Phase-out of 75 W clear incandescent lamps.
1 September 2011
•Phase-out of 60 W clear incandescent lamps
1 September 2012
•Phase out of all remaining clear incandescent lamps
(i.e. 40W and 25W).

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