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Indonesian Glass

11 years ago

Indonesian Glass
Indonesian Glass

what should i do if i want my eyes become healthy again ?

I am 15 years old and i am wearing glasses now, both of them is -1.25
i feel my minus is increasing, because i can’t see clearly just a little dimly
please help me, i dont want my eyes become farsighted + nearsighted in the future
i want throw my glasses as far as possible, but i cant
because if i throw it, i cant see on the blackboard while i am studying

please help me & if my grammar is wrong please fix it.

i am waiting your answear and i hope i will get a perfect answear.
From = indonesian boy

Just because you have a -1.25 prescription it doesn’t mean your eyes are unhealthy. I have a -4.00, -4.25 prescription and my optometrist tells me my eyes are very healthy. It’s just means I need glasses to see clearly.

I had my glasses since I was 6/7 and my prescription got worse and worse in my late teens. But now it is settling down thank goodness. And I haven’t had a change of prescription in two years.

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