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Christmas Stocking

9 years ago

Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking

Where can I find Christmas stocking patterns?

I am looking for two types of Christmas stocking patterns in particular:
One is just the run of the mill stocking, nothing extremely special about it.
The other, I’d like to make is for my dog. I want a dog bone stocking pattern. I can find dog bone stockings, but no patterns. Does anyone know where I might find one?
Also, if you have a simple tree skirt pattern, I’d like to take a look at it as well.
Thanks in advance!
this one is for the skirt
this is a mc call free stocking pattern you can print out
this site has a print out pattern for a dog bone…print it out, enlarge it to the size you like, then sew it together for the stocking using the same techniques as in the mc call pattern.

Make an Adorable Christmas Stocking

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