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Burl Pen

12 years ago

Burl Pen
Burl Pen

how much would you pay for a very special (handmade) pen?

i’m planning on starting a summer job in may-june, and i need some opinions on how much to sell pens for. these are not normal pens, i’m selling them as gifts and personal treats. a few things about them are that they are:

hand made
wooden or synthetic (can make them out of any legaly puchesable wood, including maple burl and ebony)
21+ diffrent designs (if you can draw/imagine it, i can make it)
and polished with one of several high quality finishes

i’m thinking $15, but please tell me what you would personally pay for one.

Yes, I’d pay $15 dollars for something handcrafted like that. Send me a photo, I’d like to see one.

Turning between centers with a Woodchuck Pen Pro and skew .wmv

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