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11 years ago

Pound Lab
Pound Lab

9 month black lab from the pound?

i got a black from the pound. she is 9 months old. shes got some very small patches of fur missing and her hair is very course. any suggestions on what to feed her and what shampoo to use? also whats the best way to potty train the dog at this age? hopefully she is not too old.

There’s no such thing as a dog that’s ‘too old’ to be potty trained. Same method you’d use for any dog, young or old. Direct them outside at least 5 times a day until they get the hang of it, mostly after meals and right after playtime.

I’d have her checked out for a wide variety of skin issues. It may be something as simple as fleas causing an allergic reaction, though. …DON’T just assume that’s what it is, get her checked out by a vet.

So far as food? Get a decent quality large breed food. Most labs are getting up to 100 pounds now. Shampoo? …Wait until you find out what’s going on with her skin, first.


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