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Quilt Sew

9 years ago

Quilt Sew
Quilt Sew

If the batting for a quilt is a little too small, can I sew 2 pieces of?

batting together first. Then I put the top and bottom right sides together, pin on the batting (on the top piece) and sew, right?

I like to overlap the edges – each going in the direction they would be after being sewn together. then cut a long wavy line, slide the top one over to but up the curve (toss the little scrap ) and then whip stitch them together. Here’s a picture tutorial but I don’t think they do the wavy cut:

I lay the backing fabric face side down, batting on that, then the quilt top. Pin baste and machine quilt.

Sounds like you are making a turned piece like a comforter? If so batting, backing right side up, quilt top right side down. Stitch around the edges leaving an opening to turn……

How to Make a Family Quilt : Making a Family Quilt: Sew In Place

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