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Raw Umber

12 years ago

Raw Umber
Raw Umber

What do you treasure as the owner and decorator of your home? Do you value versatility, with various themes from room to room? Is your style somewhat eclectic? If so, you’ll love Bruce Hardwood Floors’ American Treasures Collection. Bruce Hardwood Flooring created this collection of solid hardwood floors specifically for homeowners who aren’t so set in their ways and get bored with their home décor frequently.

With a versatile hardwood floor like American Treasures, there’s no need to change your entire home each time your style changes. The hickory wood in this collection with its natural palette of colors is ideal. The neutral Bruce Oxford Brown could be paired with both light and dark furniture, with warm and cool-colored walls. The same goes for Bruce Country Natural, although reddish tones seem to work best with this lighter wood because of the contrast.

If you prefer something brown as opposed to golden, try Bruce Plymouth Brown. It’s a very soft, subtle brown, like raw umber. Those who prefer the deep, dark chocolate browns will enjoy Bruce Frontier Shadow.

All woods in this collection are available in widths anywhere from 2 ¼ to 5-inches depending on the color, all with varying lengths. Choose the narrow 2 ¼ inches if you want something with a hint of contemporary, and the wider 5-inch planks if you want something more traditional. Can’t make up your mind? Shoot somewhere in between with 3 and 4-inch planks.

If you plan on installing a hardwood floor below-grade or in an area of high moisture, you won’t be able to use American Treasures because the line is exclusively solid woods. But, Bruce Westchester Hickory is an equally spectacular line of engineered hickory woods with the same versatility as its solid counterpart.

The color variations from plank to plank with the buff-colored Country Natural are really quite lovely, while the Hickory Brandywine color on the darker wood gives you the most versatility. You can pair Brandwine with a light pastel-colored country Americana kitchen or with a modern living room with bold colors and geometric furniture. It’s entirely up to you!

That’s the beauty with both of these collections. A hardwood floor shouldn’t dictate the style of a room – it should provide the foundation for it without distracting from the other elements, and it should enhance all of them. Whichever product you choose, you can be sure that if it’s produced by a quality manufacturer like Bruce, it will enhance your home for years to come.

Bruce Hardwood Floors
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What is your favorite color (or color mix) to use for flesh tones on portraits?

I have been trying out a premixed “flesh tint” but I find that it has too much red in it.

I also like to use just plain lemon yellow tinted with white, but that can give off a green glow.

What are your favorites? Which pure colors or mixes?

And which colors do you like to use for shadow. I like lamp black, but was thinking of playing with some raw or burnt umber.

I admit that I use the flesh tint, but I add to it. Yellow in various shades, or blues added in do wonders for subtle changes in tone. Experiment with shades of tan or brown to get a more natural flesh appearance; you might also try gray tones, depending on the palette of the piece you are working on.

In general, I like a flesh tone evened out with a little white, but this is more suited to my particular style of work, rather than a realistic appearing skin tone. The great thing about art is that it is so flexible: you basically can do whatever you want.

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