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Thank You

12 years ago

Thank You
Thank You

People often procrastinate when writing out thank you cards because they simply can’t decide how to write thank you notes that truly express their gratitude. But writing a genuine message in your thank you cards doesn’t have to be a struggle-follow these tips for writing thank you notes full of heart, and you’ll be flying through your thank yous in no time!

1. Make sure your thank you card is appropriate for the occasion. Sending a somber and sophisticated thank you note after a baby shower might seem forced or false, and the same is true for sending a whimsical or cutesy thank you card after a time of sadness or loss.

2. Don’t rush your thank you card message. Take your time, and the end result will be worth the extra effort.

3. Be specific. It is important to name the gift or kind deed early in your thank you note.

4. Include a shared memory to make your thank you cards sparkle.

5. Don’t force a sincere thank you card message. If you are angry or upset, shift your focus to something positive before you write your note.

6. Focus on the recipient instead of writing thank you notes that are all about you.

7. Recognize when a simple thank you note isn’t enough. Some acts of kindness deserve gifts of their own! There are many tokens of gratitude you can tuck inside a thank you card, including photos, gift certificates and personalized stationery.

8. Be honest, but kind. If you can’t say anything nice in your thank you note, make Mom proud and don’t say anything at all!

9. Do not use your thank you card as a space to vent.

10. Use thank you notes as a chance to stay connected-let everyone in your life know you love and care for them!

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Can you tell if a person has passion when they kiss?

I’m 27 and my bf of 3 years is 37. I had my first kiss with him in April 2010. The kisses are good, but another friend of mine taught me how to kiss better recently. I’m geared up to do better now but I never get the chance. Does that mean my bf lacks in passion or am I missing something? What’s going on? Please give real answers, no rude comments or foul language permitted. Thank you!

Is he workin alot??
Or maybe u need to get him into kissin u?
try spice a few things up like kissin kiss neck n then his lips
he mite enjoy it xx

hope this helped xx

Led Zeppelin- Thank You (STUDIO VERSION)

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