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Video Dvd

10 years ago

Video Dvd
Video Dvd

This sleekly designed home theater system is compatible with most disc formats. It has dynamic sound effects and comes with a built in FM radio.

The Coby 5.1 is equipped with five satellite speakers and a subwoofer. It has an in-built USB/SD card, enabling it to directly play from music players. The surround sound has 5.1 channels and works with 600 watts of power. Other features include microphone for karaoke, a digital FM/AM, and a Dolby Digital decoder. It also has an integrated amplifier. The FM has a memory of 40-stations with digital AV outputs. The panel is front based and a screen display is available. It supports multiple languages with subtitles. Parent lock feature is also available. It is compatible with DVD, CD-R/RW, CD+G and JPEG. The digital media can also be played directly from SD memory cards. Moreover, the satellite speakers have a full range of volume that can be controlled by the front panel.


The video system is based on NTSC/PAL video specification. The menu language supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. The speaker output is 80Wx5 with 4 ohms impedance and works at 1 kHz. The subwoofer output is 200W with 8 ohms impedance and works at 200 Hz. The main unit has a power rating of AC 100-200V. The dimensions of the unit are 16.8″x2.2″x10.2″ with subwoofers and satellite speakers measuring 4.3″x11.8″x11.7″ and 3.5″x5.2″x3.1″ respectively. The packing consists of an AV cable, a Remote control, AM Loop Antenna, FM Antenna and two 1.5V batteries.

The Good:

The sound effects are stunning and the complete system looks very appealing. It is quite easy to operate and is available at a reasonable cost. The parental lock control is a very convenient feature. The subwoofers have a tuner port, contributing towards a deeper bass.

The Bad

It is not completely wireless. This could be considered as a drawback by some who are averse to messy wires behind the system.

Coby 5.1 home theater system provides wonderful value for the money spent. It sports design for aesthetically inclined and provides high quality sound. The sound rendition is crisp and clear with the accentuated highs. Want to know more about Wireless Home Theater?

What do I need to transfer dvd video recorder to a disc?

I have Direct TV with DVD video receiver and would like to transfer programs recorded to a DVD video disc. Could you suggest a good product?

Hi Thomas S,

I use DVD Xpress.

With DVD Xpress you can transfer your video to your hard drive and then edit it if you desire. DVD Xpress comes with basic video editing software. I got mine at Sam’s for $59.95. They are cheaper now. You can look at one & read about it here –

I saw a newer model at WalMart last week. It was the DVD Xpress2. I can’t remember what it cost.

You connect the composite output of your DVR into the DVD Xpress and connect the DVD Xpress to your computer via a USB cable.


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