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Yarn Blue

12 years ago

Yarn Blue
Yarn Blue

How do I tie a new color yarn onto my crochet blanket?

I have all the right instructions on HOW TO WORK IT INTO BLAH BLAH BLAH….I mean I’m a beginner and really have no clue what anyone is talking about, all I wanna do is tie the pink colored yarn to the blue so I can start doing the blue, and I know I have to tie it SOMEHOW (or atleast want to tie it) Someone please give me step by step instructions on how to do this…. Person who gets best answer depends on how simple they tell me and how to do what I specifically asked!!!
I already KNOW you can’t just tie them together…

Hi, I’m kara your friend…I know you don’t like any of these answers, basically because no one has patience with you and says mean things like mocking your BLAH BLAH BLAH and telling you to go eat chocolate with is precisely not GOOD ADVICE because it is unhealthy and will make you fat :]

Spinning Blue Merino Yarn

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