Talavera Tile

11 years ago

Talavera Tile
Talavera Tile

For a beautiful decorative tile that will add instant appeal to any surface it covers, a Mexican Talavera tile provides you with the perfect finish. These tiles originated around the 16th century and they have remained popular due to the extravagant colors and depth with which the design adds, particularly when they are placed together to form a larger feature.

One of the appealing factors of Talavera tiles is that they are hand-painted which makes every tile unique. When they are used on their own to provide an accent piece in the centre of larger, plainer tiles their beauty and appeal stand out. When they are used as part of a more elaborate design the detail of each tile combined with their neighbours creates a vastly superior look.

Creating a mural within an old-fashioned kitchen provides you with a feature wall that may take you straight to scenes from an old-time Mexican hacienda. Many people think only of the more elaborately painted tiles when thinking about buying Talavera tiles but they are also available in plain colors and are perfect for breaking up a pattern that could otherwise be too busy.

The traditional colors that you can expect to dominate include red, yellow, blue and green and they are transformed into a myriad of different designs, many of which are geometrically clever, particularly when placed alongside one another to form more expansive patterns.

Rather than simply slapping up a wall of plain tiles that add nothing extra to the room, a thoughtfully designed framework using Mexican Talavera tiles can make the room a space that will be remembered and admired. It will create an ambience that will be of your own making.

The vast array of different designs is almost endless and this means that you will have the option of mixing and matching any or all of the tiles that are available to create a design that can be as plain or as eclectic as you desire.

There are many different designs that help to make Mexican Talavera tiles an exciting way to decorate.

Where can I buy affordable azulejos?

I would love to decorate my home with beautiful azulejos, but all I find anywhere is the very colorful and more modern talavera tiles. I like those, too, but am specifically looking for the white with shades of blue that you find on church facades in Spain/Portugal. There has to be somewhere online to buy replicas or student artwork–anything cheaper than antiques.

Hi Eds!
You can buy azulejos on Amazon.

Mexican Talavera Tile sinks in Los Angeles

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