Thinking You

11 years ago

Thinking You
Thinking You

At first, you get ecstatic when you a guy tells you that he has been thinking of you quite often. However, you begin to ask yourself what he really meant when he said that – thus, the confusion. This article will tell you what a guy really means when he says that you’ve been in his mind.

Step one: He loves you
Why would a guy think about you for a long time if he doesn’t love you? He wants you to know that he cares by giving clues – like saying that he’s been thinking of you. He might be scared to say that he loves you upfront, which could explain the situation.

Step two: He really means what he said
If the guy looks very sincere, and has a good reputation, then he really means what he said. This is a good thing, because confessing to someone that you have been thinking of them quite often is no easy task. It requires courage.

Step three: He wants to be with you
If the guy is someone who is not your ex-boyfriend, then it means he wants to be with you. You are a potential girlfriend for him. He is also thinking of pursuing you, depending on your response to his statement.

Step four: He wants to get back with you
An ex-boyfriend who tells you that he has been thinking of you probably has intentions of getting back with you. He probably has thought things through, and has decided that he actually wants to have you back in his life. It should go without saying that if he was the one who broke it off in the first place, he is likely apologetic for his mistakes.

Step five: He may also want to have sex with you
Some guys think about sex all the time. If a guy tells you that he has been thinking of you, it may mean that he wants to have sex with you. Take things slowly, though; try to bide your time until you have a better idea of what he wants – and what you want, as well.

Step six: He is serious about you
A guy is genuinely serious if he tells you that he is always thinking of you. He doesn’t want to play around, and he’s sure that he just wants to be with you.

Step seven: He cares for you a lot
A man who always thinks of you is a man who really cares for you. He is always wondering what you are doing, and watches out for your well-being. The reason why he always thinks of you is because he wants to make sure that you are doing all right.

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Parents: How long do you think a mother should breastfeed?

The APP suggests at least 1 year, and the WHO (world health organization) suggests at least 2 years.

BQ: I’m going to aim for 12-18 months from the breast, and then the remaining from a pumped bottle until either the child self-weans or my milk supply dwindles. What do you think of that plan?

I’m with the AAP. (who you slightly misquote.) A minimum of one year (if at all possible) then for as long as mother and baby wish to continue.

You also slightly misquote the WHO. They don’t say “at least 2 years” but “up to two years or beyond.”

EDIT: BTW, I think that when the time comes you’ll probably find that your plan to pump after a year is more trouble than it’s worth. If you are currently pregnant or nursing a very young infant, you may look at a 12-18 month toddler and think “But he’s so OLD to be on the breast.” But as YOUR baby grows and gets bigger, he will do so very gradually, so at 12 months he won’t be ‘so old’ but simply one day older than he was at 11 months, 29 days. And you won’t find it weird or uncomfortable to keep nursing.
(And starting a bottle at 18 months is pretty counter-productive too. You’ll just have to wean all over again. If you DO opt to pump at that point, put it in a cup.)

Katy Perry – Thinking Of You

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