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how can I make a Celtic knot by hand or by using some yarn or thread and a croche hook or knitting needles?

I can’t see so if anyone can tell me without referring me to a video or picture that’s great. I just want to know step by step how it’s done so I can make one myself. Something simple or basic that doesn’t require a sewing machine. Thanks!!

This is a very simple celtic knot that you can make out of i-cord. To knit an i0cor, cast on 3 stitches on a double-point needle. Slide the stitches to the other end, and knit them again, pulling the yarn tight on the first stitch. What you are doing is creating a simple tube that will become the ‘rope’ for your knot. You will need at least a couple of feet of I-cord to make your knot.

Once made, anchor one end of your i-cord to the surface, a t-pin would be useful. Make a soft curve down and to the left (think triangular shape but bend the side into a curve. Pin at the end — if you are making a 3 inch knot, use a piece that is 4 inches. Next go over like the base of the triangle but have the bend peak at the top – like a small hill and pin. The last part will be opposite the first one with the bend to the left the yarn goes from lower right point of the triangle to the top of the triangle, with the bend towards the left.

So this is a simple three loop knot. That is the shape, like a simple flower. The trick is the weaving of the pieces. Lay piece on flat. Lay piece two on top of piece one. It is piece 3 that needs to be woven. It goes over piece one and under piece two,

More complex knots are basically loops that are intertwined.

A four hand rose is a series of long squared versions of the letter c’s about 3 times longer than wide. The opening is small.
Make a left hand c with the opening on the right. Mirror it with a right hand c with the opening on the left. Then make one across the top with the opening in the center and one across the bottom with the opening in the center. Now is the tricky part, the weaving. The top C – c#3 goes under the
left bar of C#1 and over the small part of C#1. It then goes under the small bar of C#2 and over the long bar of C#2. The ends of both parts of C#1 and c#2 meet at the inside where the openings are.
C#4 is woven as follows: Short bar under the long piece of C#1, Long bar of C#4 over the long bar of C#1 and under short bar of C#1. It then goes over to C#2 where it goes over the short bar and under the long bar and then the short bar goes over the long bar of C#2.

I know that is a lot of verbiage, but I think it is followable. Just think of the c’s sort of like the shape of a paper clip that has been opened a little. Very squared off.

Happy knotting!

The Art of Crochet by Teresa – How I Hold My Crochet Work – Tension Yarn Thread

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