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Could I sue the school for telling me I can’t were a buddhist pendant around my neck?

other kids were big gold crosses around there necks or silver ones but I can’t were a buddhist pendant around my neck
thats what it looks like
Im 19 already

You could try. If you can’t get damages, you could at least file for an injunction for them to stop discriminating and their apparent establishment of religion. If they suspended you or expelled you for it, then you can definitely sue, but if it is just a dress policy, then there may not be any real damages or anything. You could call the ACLU, and the news and stuff. That might make them change their policy and it would be a lot less money out of your pocket on legal bills.

It also appears to be an Equal Protection violation for discriminating against you based on your religious preference, and it could also be a possible free speech violation as well, especially since they have allowed others to wear crosses. If they can “announce” their Christianity at school by wearing that, then you should be able to “announce” your Buddhism.

EDIT: Your parents can sue on your behalf. How do you think the children who wore black armbands to school brought their case all the way to the Supreme Court? It’s possible. And I don’t care what the other poster said, if they are letting some kids wear crosses, then it is a blatant constitutional violation of your civil rights to single you out and say you cannot wear a symbol representing your religious faith.

See Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503 (1969)

The only issue, is whether your parents and you want to spend the time and money on going after this. It doesn’t seem like it is preventing you from practicing your faith, but I am concerned about this school district cherry picking which religious symbols are okay to wear and which are not.

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