Tile Cut

11 years ago

Tile Cut
Tile Cut

Tiles are a great way to give your bathroom or kitchen floor a great new look. New bathroom or kitchen wall tiles can be used to give even the dowdiest rooms in your home some much needed revitalisation. There are a wide range of different materials available, each of which can be used to achieve different effects around the home. The trick is to work out the benefits of the different tile materials as well as the cost so then you can find the perfect bathroom tiles for your home.

Natural stone tiles are great tiles to use on a floor. The reason for this is because they are sturdy and can take a lot of abuse as well as being easy to clean and maintain. Limestone or marble tiles are great for floors and can have a polished or honed look to them depending on whether you want a shiny or matte look to the floor. Fitting natural stone tiles can be a difficult process so you may want to get some help from the professionals. When it comes to cutting stone such as marble tiles, you should always use an angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel.

Ceramic tiles are available either glazed or unglazed. Ceramic tiles are normally the easiest sort of tile to cut and drill because they are not as hard as natural stone and porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles can work well on floors and walls but are probably most suited as kitchen wall tiles.

If you are interested in finding high quality kitchen and Bathroom Tiles then why not visit Dunkley Tiles. If you are more interested in putting garden paving outside then the Gardening Website has plenty of useful information.

What’s the best way to cut a hole in marble tile & backerboard?

I’m tiling an upstairs bathrom and I need to cut a 7 inch hole in the middle of the backerboard and a marble tile to fit around the toilet flange. What’s a good and easy way to cut a clean hole in both?

a 4″ grinder with a thin diamond blade, cut it into an octagon shape. keep a little water at the cut, spray bottle will work.

Cutting Ceramic Tile

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