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Tiles Art
Tiles Art

What is the best flooring to have in an art studio? I will be using oil paints.?

I am building a new house, and want to make one room an art studio.
I want to know what type of flooring( eg, tiles, floorboards etc) is least likely to be stained and easiest to clean if I spill oil paints on it.

(also any other suggestions for what to include in the room would be great)

I am partial to good old fashioned hardwood floors ( NOT the wimpy laminate flooring). When sealed well and waxed any paint will be stopped by the wax and it can be peeled up with a plastic scraper. Even major damage can be sanded out. Another good ‘working’ floor is commercial mineral floor tile like what’s used in hospitals and grocery stores. The color goes all the way through and it can be sanded also if needed.
While glazed ceramic tile would also work, the grout would difficult to keep clean and any fragile objects dropped will shatter instantly.

Other things: hmm I would want lots of lighting. Recessed lights for general use and cleanup, track lighting for showing off or lighting up just the ‘creative’ area for mood or isolation. If it’s a top story room consider skylights for more mood (gray light on a foggy or stormy day can help the Muses). Use quality bulbs and play with light temperature choices to get what pleases you. As an artist you know how lighting affects colors so take advantage of all the options.

*Lights use temperature to describe it color spectrum. A warm color light like from a regular old bulb is a low temperature like 2700K. A harsher bluish white light is higher at around 3500K to 5100K. There are also Full Spectrum or ‘daylight’ bulbs that more mimic sunlight. With track lighting you can have a mix of light option to best judge how an artwork will look at its intended location. Work with the electrician to get what you want. I would go with many tracks switched separately with dimmers so you could dial-in a mood at will. Since it’s a new room, YOU decide what you want.

Also consider sound. Why put up with distractions like car horns that will break a mood? Ask your builder about sound proofing options like staggered stud walls and sound sheeting. A tasteful cleaning station with running water and storage for chemicals, cleaners and solvents would be nice. A ventilation fan to suck out fumes and paint odors should also be considered. It’s a LOT easier to do this stuff now rather than add it later.

Think of all the things that would help creativity or the stuff that hurt it and address them so when you enter your room the stress just floats away.

Ceramic tiles art by Enzo Manara – Classic Style (3 part )

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