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Tiles Craft
Tiles Craft

The ancient game of mahjong has fascinated players for centuries. The classic mahjong tiles that most everyone is familiar with are an ivory color with mostly black and red symbols on the faces of each tile other than those that with flowers or particular pieces. What most don’t know, is that these tiles are available in a variety of colors to entice virtually everyone into playing this wonderful game.

You can find tiles for mahjong in nearly every color. You may decide to purchase a set in your favorite color, or choose a color to accent the décor in your home. Choosing a set that matches your décor, or even accents it, is a fine way to add to the ambience of the room and give you hours of enjoyment. The three most popular and easy to find colors are white, black and pink. However, you can also find them in various shades blue and grey quite often.

If you have all the pieces to a mahjong set, but the tiles are just too worn to see well, or perhaps you just need a new set to brighten up a space, this is quite simple to do. Another reason to look at the purchase of new mahjong tiles would be if your current set is a keepsake, perhaps considered an antique and you don’t want them damaged. With mahjong tiles available in a variety of colors, you can change your tiles sets out regularly to add a little excitement to the game as well as the room or even to just suit your mood. It’s up to you how you choose to display your mahjong set.

No matter your reason for choosing new mahjong tiles in a variety of colors, the opens are available to you. You can select based on any factor or preference you have. Each and every set are all very well created to give you the fine appearance that you will appreciate for many years down the road.

Steven Barnhart is co-owner of six e-commerce websites. Our passion is bringing high quality pre screened products to your doorstep. By doing so it will enrich your life, the life of a friend or loved one. There are a variety of colors to choose from when replacing your mahjong tiles.

What is a good idea for a tile backsplash?

I’m not looking for a painted mural tile, I just want something that would look good with an arts and crafts style home (exposed beams)

Arts and Crafts style means hand-made (not assembly-line, cookie cutter) style. The arts-and-crafts movement was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution’s reliance on mass production and the Victorian era’s focus on heavy ornamentation. Popular during the early 1900s, this style glorified craftsmanship in simple shapes with exposed joinery, spare ornamentation and strong lines. Materials used to embellish the look include metals, stained glass and painted tiles and fabrics featuring stylized floral motifs.

So, I would say your backsplash should be simple tile that is set in a unique pattern. There are many to choose from (subway, herringbone). I would think the color should be an earthy base but you could probably do a few close shades if you want more texture.

I hope this helps!

Easy Arts and crafts: How to make a Turkish Paper Tiles

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