Tole Pattern

11 years ago

Tole Pattern
Tole Pattern

Creating a paper flower is not just a hobby. When many people think about creating these flowers they think of it as only being a hobby rather than a way to save money, time and being able to put your own personality into your creation. Not only do many people have this misconception but many also view it as a hobby only for kids. Have you ever thought of it as this?

When you hear about someone creating a paper flower, do you think of a childs creation? Do you picture your young child coming up to you handing it to you and proudly showing off his or her creation to you, that they have worked so long and hard on? When your child hands it to you, you are not even able to make out what it is at first.

It looks like a crinkled up wad of paper that slightly resembles an extremely deformed flower. You are so proud that your child is displaying his creativity that you hang it up on the refrigerator so that the entire world can see. Maybe this is why many have the misconception that these flowers are just for kids to make. Because every time that we walk by that refrigerator and see that piece of paper, we are reminded that it was a child who created this. So why would anyone ever think to create a paper flower for such things as decorations around the home or even weddings? Here are a few reasons why.

1. A paper flower lasts longer. Weddings, graduation parties, bar mitzvahs are just a few of the memorable occasions that we will want to remember for a lifetime. Fortunately we can keep a few of the decorations or other items from our party to help us remember these events forever. On the other hand real flowers, even when treated, will begin to rot and decay.

2. They also require no maintenance. This is especially useful if you have to order your flowers in advance of your party. You do not have to worry about keeping them watered. You also do not have to worry that they will wilt or die before your party. You also do not have to worry about any of your guests being allergic to them.

3. Last but not least is the cost of a these flowers. They are very inexpensive compared to having to buy a ton of real flowers for your party. For a paper flower all you have to worry about expense wise is the paper and the little bit of supplies needed to create them. This is much more economical then having to buy hundreds of real flowers for your party, because while each flower may not seem to cost a lot individually, it really does add up.

So yes, creating a paper flower is not just a hobby for children. It is something that everyone can do, and with the proper guidance you can have professional looking flowers for any event, and you did it yourself!

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Where can I find a tole painting pattern called “Trick or Treat”?

I painted a witch a few years ago and lost the pattern. It was in a tole painting book titled “Trick or Treat”. The witch looked like a little red haired girl holding almost choking a frog standing infront of a broom that had a spider hanging from it.The pattern book has patterns for frankenstein, pilgrim boy and girl and Igore & Dr Frankenstein

I am sure you would be able to find the book you are looking for here:

Between the Vines 10 ~ Woodgrain Demo

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