Tone Cross

11 years ago

Tone Cross
Tone Cross

We would all like to impress our girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, family, etc. with washboard abs but most of us don’t follow the most effective guides. The big question becomes: How do I get a six pack and flatten my stomach? Sure, strong legs are nice, muscular arms are even better, but there is nothing like having a nice set of toned abs. So look at the simple solution.

The beer gut and love handles are pesky little areas because they tend to be the major depositories of fat. Muscle mass can also build up greatly in these areas, the only problem is that all the hard work you do with crunches, sit ups and ab rollers is still covered by the layer of adipose tissue making your efforts go unseen. The abs are there and they are strong too, they just can’t be seen. Everybody hates building muscle mass in their stomachs and never seeing any results. It’s important to practice the proper methods that are designed to target specific results. Doing five hundred crunches will build abdominal muscles but cardio is going to melt the fat layer off that is creating the façade to your otherwise ripped stomach muscles. Try splitting your abdominal routine in half and using the other half of the time to get your heart rate up, increasing metabolism and therefore burning off more calories to flatten those stomach muscles.

It can be much simpler than most even know to get a six pack it just takes the correct information, tutorials, and guides sometimes.

For a complete information guide on how to finally flatten your stomach and get the six pack you want visit my page here:


Find everything you need from my page. I promise you will succeed with the correct tools and information. Check it out!

I would love to cut my lawn to look how they appear with cross weave tone differential on sport turfs (golf)?

What is the method of mowing towards achieving this visual effect?

A good mower does help but it is simply a matter of mowing in opposite directions to the previous cut. In other words cut one strip – say north to south – and then return right next to the first strip in the opposite direction – south to north.
The effect you see is simply the way the grass is bent (the direction which it is lying) once the mower has gone over it.

ESP Iron Cross with a Mesa Boogie Mark V Tone Test.

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