Tone Satin

9 years ago

Tone Satin
Tone Satin

How can I tone down pink dye? Help!?

Ok, I was a bit stupid last night and put a bit of pink in with the toner to make it more purple. My hair has been highlighted and was trying to get it more silvery grey and it just turned really dark purple. I washed and washed and then it turned a hideous shade of pink.
Then I looked around on here and google and tried a mild bleach bath and that didn’t work. Then Satin hair colour remover, which is meant to be like Colorfix? Now my hair stinks of sulfur and the pink is still there!

Are there any home remedies I could use to get rid of this or do I have to just grin and bear it and hope it fades out? I’m usually ok with this happening but as my hair is almost all over blonde rather than just little streaks, it’s terrifying me!
It’s not falling out, it’s in great condition as I only bleach bathed it for a few minutes.
It’s a peachy/yellow colour and I wondered if I used a blue shampoo it would tone it down?

try washing your hair with dish soap.If that doesn’t work you should go see the hair dresser before you do more damage to your hair and need a really short hair cut.

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