Totes Crafts

11 years ago

Totes Crafts
Totes Crafts

What do teens think of Arts and Crafts?

I’m doing a project where I have to teach my class about something. And I was going to have them decorate tote bags as an activity. Do you think they will be good sports about it and have fun with it.

I know it’s something I would want to do. Were in 11th grade, and they get to keep the bags.

Well it depends. If you are working with guys and girls, the guys will not be enthusiastic about it as much as girls. Otherwise I think that would work.

If you happen to be working with guys, you could give them a second option, however it might be more difficult to find something.

In fact as a suggestion if you have the right equipment you could allow your class to scan pictures onto their tote bags for a more personalized touch. Tell them to bring some pictures in.

You could let your class voice an opinion as another option. Ask them if they have anything in mind that they have been wanting to do.

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