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Tube Beads
Tube Beads

Carnelian gems are mostly mined from Australia, the United States, Brazil and Russia out of all the other countries throughout the world. One of the most interesting properties of these beautiful gemstones is that the bigger the bead the clearer it would be and the smaller the bead the translucent it is.

The orange color of the beads is formed while heating agate crystals for a long time in order to create these semi-precious stones. The theory of its nomenclature is again very interesting. The name Carnelian is derived from a Latin word for horn. Because it sometimes exhibits flesh hue it is regarded as animal horn. The use of carnelian is dated back to the Roman era, which was around two thousand years ago. As hot wax does not stick to carnelian, this material was used for making seals or signets for seal imprinting with wax for important and confidential documents.

These beads are believed to possess supernatural and holistic powers. According to believers, this gemstone changes the whole perspective of a wearer. It helps in purifying blood and also plays a vital role in healing the wounds. Not only in one’s lifetime but these beads are also believed to hold majestic powers in the afterlife.

The most popular and expensive type of carnelian beads is the handcrafted kind because of its exquisite and fine nature. While carving these beads extreme care and caution are taken in order to maintain the quality and texture of the gemstone.

The most popular and loved form of jewelry made of the carnelian beads amongst people is the necklace. These beads are used to make exclusive necklaces as they could be used in combination with many other gemstones. However, one must be careful while purchasing these gemstone as there are many artificial replicas being sold in the market freely by fraud sellers. One must do a thorough research regarding the credibility of the dealer to save oneself from getting cheated. These beautiful stones can make the wearer stand out in the crowd and envied by one and all. You can purchase the carnelian beads at very affordable price online to create your own jewelry. Several instruction videos are available on YOu Tube to create own jewelry. Simply follow the instructions and create  your own piece for less.

I am a beading artist and jewelry maker. I love gemstones, even though I am not a gemologist love to read and research about gems. I hope to provide information about jewelry making supplies. For carnelian beads please visit.

What Should I Make, I Have A Tube Of Rainbow Glitter, Some Rainbow Beads And Some Sunshine Crate Paper?

hey Tara is your Fat ex-wife still getting beat by her pimp…

You could start on next year’s Pride float!!!

Or you could do like I did and “Elle” your garage sale signs! Yes, that’s right, I blinged out my garage sale signs. They were beautiful!

bead-tube 0001

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