Turning Lathe

11 years ago

Turning Lathe
Turning Lathe

Is it ok that I get a bunch of sparks while turning down 5250 carbon steel w/ a carbide cutter on a lathe?

Ok I am taking off about .080-.090″ each pass and I am running at 1250 RPM and turning down 5150 carbon steel that was heat treated with a carbide insert cutter.
Sorry for the typo I am turning down 5150 carbon steel that was heat treated
I agree the RPM and amount of each pass are very high but I am getting an awesome finish.
I am turning down 1.25″ bar down to .875″ through .500″ diameters
No I am cutting dry. I started out using coolant but seeing how most of it got spun off the work I started running dry. It still made sparks either way.

no too fast cut rpms to 800,
.010 cut

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