Turtle Charms

11 years ago

Turtle Charms
Turtle Charms

Why do so many people keep snakes as pets?

No girl would date you if your home is crawling with snakes.
Snakes can never be charming or have even a spark of personality.
Snakes can be very mean and have no conscious. Even a small dog shows remorse and knows what’s allowed and whats not.
They aren’t soft or very handy to carry or hold. At least a turtle or lizard can be held .
They don’t have any limbs, so they have nothing in common with any other pet, unless you like worms.


I’m a girl and i’ve had a ball python since i was nine, that was ten years ago; and i’ve never known an easier animal to handle than a snake, i through my 4 ft python over my shoulder or across them and he stays put, try to do that with any other animal.
if you ever look up human deaths by pet snake vs dogs, you’ll wonder why dogs are “man’s best friend” and not “vicious homicidal carnivores.”
My snakes and my dog have the same personalities, dumb and sleep a lot.
dog: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a73/Saroarie/l_2495591dde64d78a4cbf6a220b0789cb.jpg
snake: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a73/Saroarie/DSC_2111.jpg

How to make a Polymer Clay Turtle.

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