Unfinished Wood

11 years ago

Unfinished Wood
Unfinished Wood

What is a quick way to clean unfinished wood?

I have a huge entertainment center that is entirely unfinished wood. Dry and spray dusting really don’t cut it. I heard that using beeswax works, but that sounds really time consuming. Any ideas?

I would seriously consider putting a finish on the piece. Not only to enhance the appearance, but also to prevent collection of dust particles, etc. Here’s part of the problem: unfinished wood is subjected to humidity (moisture). As the wood absorbs the water, it will swell. Conversely, when drier weather prevails, it will shrink. In the porcess, the wood will develop “hair.” The wood fibers (albeit very tiny) will also stand up. Wiping over this with a rag won’t clean the surface. And using a tac rag will on snag on any roughness and not clean the surface. Unfinished wood, although somewhat protected indoors, still has a shorter life-span than furniture that’s sealed.
You have several options to seal the wood. You could apply a polyurethane finish, or beeswax (or floor wax), other wood sealants that are brushed or wiped on like mineral oil. The first two options tend to last longer than most other means. It may take a bit of time to finish, but assuming the piece is worth keeping, I’d invest the effort.

Good luck

How to decoupage or paper wrap unfinished wood bangle bracelets

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