Unpainted Wood

11 years ago

Unpainted Wood
Unpainted Wood

With wooden jewelery, unpainted, what is the best way to bring out shine?

I have a bracelet made of wooden beads, probably cheap wood (cheap price). Also I have other beads made of wood strung on my other jewelery pieces. I want them to look the best they can, and I was wondering then how to make them shiny. What would be my best option? Does the type of wood factor in? (I don’t know what kind of wood I have)


Oh and if I did have painted wooden beads, or dyed, then how would I make those glossy or shine, too?

Please and thank you.

found at home depot
1 step – a brightener (bring out the wood natural grain better)
2 step – a stain ( a stain colors it but they do have a clear gloss that acts as a protective coating.)

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