Van Gogh

11 years ago

Van Gogh
Van Gogh

What painting do you find is the most inspirational out of the Vincent Van Gogh collection?

so im wondering what art work of Van Gogh do you think is the most inspiring, and why do you think this?
i am doing some research about him, and peoples opinions of him, and finding out about the inspiration his paintings give seemed a good place to start,
Personally, i believe Sunflowers gives me the most inspiration, as the flower is bright, even though it always looks dead. it shows you can make light of sad events, and that sad events can always bring light. (:

For me, it has to be Vincent’s painting of the Church at Auvers.
Vincent wanted to be a priest above all other things. He was deeply religious, but was prone to bouts of depression and this is why the Catholic Church refused him entry to the priesthood.
Take a look at the painting, it reflects Vincent’s dissapointment at being turned away by the Catholic Church.
He paints a church without a door, a church with no way in. He stands outside in the cold and rain, rejected by the world and the world he wanted to belong to. The emotions that this picture generates are incredible, truly incredible.

Van Gogh – Ona I Ja (2009)

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