Veg Tan

11 years ago

Veg Tan
Veg Tan

does rubbing vegetable oil on you before going out in the sun make you tan faster?

i do not do this. i put on sunblock every day, regardless if im going outside for the day or not. but my friend puts veg. oil on to go tanning outside for a cheap replacement for sun tanning oil. i assume this works, since oil is heavier than water, the rays try harder to evaporate it, therefore making her darker faster, but is it true?
tanned skin is burnt skin.
ok, i included at the start that i dont do this. what a shock, i had no idea it causes skin cancer! ….oh wait, YES I DID. PLEASE just answer the question. thanks to the first one who did. no thanks to the rest. answer the question. i am not asking “should i do it?” or “does it cause cancer?” im asking if i am right in assuming if it works. thanks

NO! It will make you burn faster!

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