Vintage Glass

11 years ago

Vintage Glass
Vintage Glass

One of the most fun and interesting items that you can collect are vintage salt and pepper shakers. Over the years there have been many different styles, shapes and sizes of salt and pepper shakers made from a wide variety of different materials. That means that for collectors there are limitless possibilities as to the types of collections that you can start. Here are some tips for starting a vintage salt and pepper collection including info on choosing what types of shakers to collect as well as some great info on where you can find new shakers to add to your collection.

First things first you should take a minute to decide what types of salt and pepper shakers you plan to collect. Some people choose to base their collection around the material that the shakers are made from (i.e. ceramic, glass, metal or wood).

By gathering together vintage salt shakers that are all made from the same materials you’ll create a beautiful, cohesive collection that looks like it belongs together. One of the most beautiful collections I ever saw on display was made up entirely of green and pink depression glass salt and pepper shakers.

If collecting by material doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you want to start your collection based around the shape of the salt shakers. For instance, a really fun and cheery idea for a collection would be to gather together only salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like dogs.

Other ideas could be tropical fish, roosters, elephants, or just about any other animal or object you can think of. Just make sure that it is something you enjoy and then start hunting for pieces to fill in your collection.

When it comes to finding new shakers for your collection, you can shop around at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales or antique malls to find some rare and interesting pieces.

An easier way to find vintage salt and pepper shakers in all different styles is to shop online. Not only can you find great affordable vintage salt and pepper shakers online [], but searching for the perfect piece for your collection becomes a lot easier. For a huge selection of rare, unique and interesting vintage salt and pepper shakers try visiting []


Does anyone on Yahoo Answers collect Imperial Glassware or other vintage glass?

I collect Imperial Glass that has the “Iron Cross” mark. I also collect Fostoria “American”. Where I live is only 20 minutes from both of these former glass houses. I was just curious to see if anyone shared this hobby.

Yes, I have an extensive collection of vintage glassware–a bit of Imperial glass (figural pieces), carnival glass, sandwich glass, Fostoria Americana pieces, depression glass of all sorts, shapes and sizes from trays down to cups and saucers and some Early American Pressed glass.

Did you know vintage glass could be so beautiful?

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