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Vintage Mattel
Vintage Mattel

Does Mattel plan on reproducing all of there vintage Barbie’s some day?

I really want Mattel to reproduce all there dolls with the boxes and all there clothes like a regular doll in stead of a collectors item.I want them to make all of my favorites like Tutti,Todd,and Chris.And whatever happened to Stacey Barbie’s british pal?I know I’m young to have seen these dolls but,when my mom was young she played with them and she lost a lot of them in moving and when she grew up because her mother got rid of them and I remember we did’nt have alot of money when I was smaller and I had no dad around so I played with some of the barbies as girl friends to my G.I. joe’s.I like to collect some of the dolls too.Are they going to make a new P.J. either or the origninal look to skipper?or Fluff and Tiff?I want to collect some for me and replace the ones my mom lost.Where could I go?does Mattel still make these?

As of now, there are no current plans to do reproductions of all of Barbie’s friends & the ones that have been done & will be done will be part of the collectibles line.

There have been quite a few reproductions in recent years & Mattel has a new & improved reproduction body that is being used. Bill Greening is the head designer for the reproduction dolls & is very, very talented.

There was a vintage reproduction Midge doll done in 2003 that was available at Toys R Us & a vintage reproduction Ken done in 2007.

Stacey was reproduced in a gift set called Stacey in Nite Lightning that was released in 2006.

Christie was a very limited doll for members of the Barbie Fan Club, an online doll club that is a part of Barbie Collectibles. There were 999 of her made & they sold out within minutes.

There was a Barbie & Ken reproduction set done this year. Barbie is wearing Friday Night Date & I think Ken is wearing Campus Casual or something like that.

There is another Barbie & Ken reproduction set coming out sometime this fall. Barbie is wearing the cheerleader outfit & Ken is a football player.

The Knitting Pretty reproduction giftset features red haired Barbie & Skipper & was issued earlier this year.

Check out for information about the vintage reproduction dolls. Several of the above listed dolls & gift sets are still available there. There is also a showcase that shows a lot of dolls from the last 30 years & I think that most of the vintage reproductions are in that showcase.

Next year is the 50th Anniversary of Barbie & while I don’t know any details, I do know that there are supposed to be several reproduction dolls, both vintage & MOD inspired..

Vintage Mattel Jack in the Box 1976 Collector music toy

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