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11 years ago

Vintage Paint
Vintage Paint

Paint thinner on vintage bed?

i just recently bought a vintage bed post for my daughter. the paint is chipping and flaky like someone did a bad paint job. is paint thinner my best bet in getting the new paint job to look nice?
do i need to put on primer?
oh solvent…

yes it is too my knowledge thats what you use to get paint off before you repaint something else it is what i used for an old desk i had for my daughter it was an antique someone painted it and it was all peeling off so last summer i got some paint thinner and some rags wiped it all down got all the paint off it was time consuming but i did it and then i painted it an antique white it came out beatyful and i put knew knobs on it as well.but i used paint thinner did not know there was anything else out there i seen a few informercials on some stuff were the paint just peeled right off but that was hard to believe guess it did not do to well because i don’t see the comercial anymore.

Bill Riedel shows how to fold a paint cup from an index card

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